Most Project Description


MOST – Meaningful Occupation Solutions Together

We have learned from existing networks that many disabled people want to have more choice and access to activities available to them in their community; more opportunities to try volunteering or work, ideas of how they could work from home or access learning. The vast majority of people interviewed would like to access lifelong learning or access the workplace for either paid or voluntary work. The aim of our Partnership is to

  1. Build capacity within existing services
  2. Improve the life chances of vulnerable people
  3. Provide more choice for service users who access their local community
  4. To foster a culture of inclusion within volunteering organisations such as Time Banks
  5. To inform and provide learning tools for prospective employers of disabled people
  6. To build resilience at group level to promote self-advocacy
  7. To empower people to take control of their lives and live independently
  8. To access paid or voluntary work, sport and lifelong learning to provide meaningful occupation.

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