Objective and strategy

strategy medida

  1. To enable providers to learn about the needs of people with physical disabilities and long-terms conditions; challenges and solutions. This is best learnt from vulnerable individuals sharing their lived experiences. A fundamental part of this project is to ensure that service users, their carers, families and people who work with them all have opportunity to share experiences through local media, interviews. Workshops, focus groups etc.
  2. To research the current position in each partner locality in relation to supporting the client group, including how partnerships operate to deliver joined up approach to services
  3.  To share approaches to creating information platforms to support the individual with physical disabilities in areas of training, employment, money management, independent living, local services and volunteering
  4. Share strategies on identifying and responding to the needs of the individual and ensuring their active involvement in learning and improving their quality of life
  5. To deliver a two year timetable of project visits to develop the knowledge of trainers, support trainers, support workers, project managers and the ultimate beneficiaries (people with physical disabilities)
  6. To identify examples of good practice which can be piloted by partners and the results shared across the partnership. Good practices will be identified through the mobilities and evaluation process which is an on-going element of the project.
  7. To develop through the project a good practice toolkit which can act as a product to inform both the partnership and the wider arena of partners working in this field throughout Europe.
  8. To have a pro-active approach to social media platforms to enable project participants to share, develop ideas; achieved through ensuring service users are fully engaged with this project and developing various ways to normalise approaches to media platforms.
  9. To disseminate the project results through developing a website, four newsletters and a programme of local events
  10. To develop the partner and individual participant capacity to deliver a service and contribute to the future organisation strategy
  11. To create a network for future project partnership co-operation

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