This partnership was formed through a partner search on the theme of supporting adults with learning difficulties.

In 2013, previous networks and renewed partner search, all in all seven organisations took part in the application and out of these there were three remaining when the funding process in each country had finished.
Three organizations from three different countries, Sweden, Turkey and Spain create an European Partner Consortium working towards the same aspiration and objectives, and shares projects, learning, good practice, guidance and experience and possible funding for transnational projects.

To offer exchanges between partners to broaden knowledge of project and develop partnership working.

To develop task groups to complete objective.


Asociación Murciana de Rehabilitación Psicosocial

Working in Insertion and employment field. We develop projects to combat social exclusion. The collectives we work with are mental ill, ex-drug abusers, and disable people. We have a extensive experience with developing European Projects. The last one we developed was an Equal Initiative in the field of employment. Through this project we develop a new insertion and employment generation model for those collectives who are in social exclusion risk (mental ill, ex-drug abusers, and disable people).

The experience we are developing in Murcia shows us that it is possible to generate employment for the above mentioned collectives in cooperation between both Public Authorities (Murcia Health Service) and Social Enterprises (Asociación Murciana de Rehabilitación Psicosocial).

The main aims are, firstly give them  learning opportunities and training, voluntary work and/ or paid employment. All this is achieved through a Family Leisure Park, which integrate recreational and didactic, recreative and sport activities and are offered to all family members, Schools, companies, NGO´s, Associations, etc… ( ). This park provide an “controlled” environment which allows supervision and appropriate following of the activities.

Starting from this experience, we generate places destined to family leisure in the different European Member States, and taking into account all the different social and cultural realities of each country, they can exchange among them activities, goods, and good practices. We believe our application for partnership in this project will bring value through our extensive experience of working with partners and in the field of life-long learning.



The City District East Gothenburg provides  public services for a population 45 000. The District is characterised by socio-economic diversity and challenges. For example the number of people born outside of Europe is higher than average, as well as the level of unemployment, dependency on social welfare and number of people suffering from ill health.

The Districts Unit for Daily Activity for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities provides different services to support the needs of the individual. The unit is divided into four support teams. Solvändan is for people with more grave physical and intellectual disabilities. The activities include kitchen work, creative activity and sensory stimulation etc. The A-gruppen provides job-practice in administrative services for people with mild disabilities, neuropsychiatric diagnoses and acquired brain injuries. Textilverkstan provides daily activity focusing on textile and arts- and craft-work for people with mild intellectual disabilities. Sol och Måne is an activity unit for people with more severe intellectual disability and the activities provided is daily chores, drama, dance, music and movement. Both Textilverkstan and Sol och Måne use the method Alternative Complementary Communications to support each individual’s independence and learning.

The Unit for Daily Activity is also partner with the neighboring district in Språnget, a job-practice activity for people with mild intellectual disabilities. At Språnget the participants are able to do work-practice at local companies and workplaces such as supermarkets, grocery shops, sport- and activity centres and home for the elderly.

Through a Grundtvig partnership project the Unit for Daily Activity is interested in exploring new ways to develop methods to support independence and learning for people with disabilities. The aim is to exchange work methods and experiences in regard to physical and intellectual disability that enable people to be more independent and take an active part in society. The main objective for Gothenburgs part in the partnership is the opportunity it provides for the staff of the Daily Activity Unit to gain a more in-depth insight into how work-practice and access to the labour market for people with physical and intellectual disabilities is organised, and what methods are used by the different European partners. What can we learn from the partners and what methods of support and learning can we share?



Our governorate is located in Guroymak, where the population is nearly 45000. Our governorate has the authority to directly administer all the public and private institutions since it is officially the local representative of the Turkish Government. As we carry out the administration of the town, we have 83 personnel among which there are physically disabled and female workers. Since we act as a tie between the local and national authorities and located in a disadvantaged area, we believe that by this project, we will not only help our workers, but also the other workers of the institutions under our authority. With the increased efficiency of our work due to the increased comfort of the work environment, we hope to lead the other fellow governorates within both our and neighboring cities.

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